Sets and tracks - Sets by brand - Airfix 1/32nd scale
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The cover from the 1st catalogue
Airfix slot car sets were sold during the 1960's and 1970's. Originally sold as Airfix Motor Racing the range was renamed Airfix Motor Ace during this time eight different sets were available. During the 1970's production of the sets passed to MRRC and the range was reduced to just two sets.
The original track was a grey hard plastic with phosphor bronze rails, the track barriers fitted in to sockets on the side of the track and the bridge and banking supports were made by a 'Lego' type brick, the track sections being held together with nylon clips. The barriers were later change to a clip on type and the bridge supports to a moulded platic piece with adjustable bases. The rails later being replaced with steel ones and when the sets were produced by MRRC the track was changed to black plastic.
The original cars had an open frame motor and two part pin guide with Ackerman steering, The pin guide was replaced with a flag guide and later the motor was changed to a can type when the Hi-Speed range was released. These cars did away with the full chassis of the early cars with all parts clipping in to the body shell



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