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From Keith
18-05-2022   (22:14:34)

Latest arrivals
Received this Fly Porsche 908 Flunder LH this morning

And this Afternoon this Sideways Porsche 935 Gp5 arrived

From Keith
17-05-2022   (18:46:10)

Latest arrivals
Recived 3 3DP printed chassis from JS Chassis Designs today, 2 for Super Shells models, the Lotus 30 and Elite, and a chassis for pre war GP cars.

From Keith
16-05-2022   (16:17:02)

Latest arrivals
Received a 1/24th scale Imai VW Beetle Cabrio model kit

From Keith
12-05-2022   (16:17:16)

Latest arrivals
Received three cars from a seller on eBay today...
Scalextric C77 Ford GT

Reprotec Shelby Cobra

Pink Kar Auto Union

From Keith
11-05-2022   (14:03:41)

Latest arrivals
Received a selection of urethane tyres from Slot Car Tyres today, an assortment of Jouef 1/40th scale and vintage 1/24th scale.

From Keith
11-05-2022   (01:13:50)

Car updates
Fitted some replacement tyres to some of my vintage 1/24th scale cars today as we have a vintage meeting at my club end of this week.
1/24th scale Ford Mustang

1/24th scale Ford GT40

1/24th scale Ferrari Dino 260 S

1/24th scale Porsche 904

The Ferrari now has a pair of NSR Vintage Supergrips while all the others have urethane from Slot Car Tyres.

From Keith
09-05-2022   (01:14:25)

Car updates
As the weather was nice today I managed to get the clearcoat on the NSR Porsche 911RSR , mist coat of semi gloss the two coats of semi gloss followed by to coats gloss. With all the problems I had applying the decals at least the haven't reacted with the clearcoat. All parts are also glued back on the body
While I had the car apart I took the opportunity to change the motor and have changed the NSR 21k for a 25k, not sure of the brand. I have also change the rear wheels as those fitted were a little on the small side. Fitted a pair of Slotting Plus 16.9x10mm Alu-magnesium fitted with NSR fitted with NSR 17x11 Ultragrips. Will give it a test run at the club tomorrow.

From Keith
08-05-2022   (01:15:09)

Car updates
Spent a go 2 hours or more putting the decals on the NSR Porsche 911RSR this evening. The decals were very thin and with some of them being quite long and narrow I had more than a few problems. Some of the decals decided to fold back on their selves when being slide of the backing sheet and I just could not get them apart again so a few errors and bad spots.

Will hopefully give them a clearcoat tomorrow, fingers crossed for no reactions.

The Revoslot Porsche 911 had a problem at the rear which showed up when I tested the car on my club's wooden track. The back of the car was bouncing about and on close inspection the problem appeared to an out off square wheel, tyre or even a bent axle. As I don't have any 3mm axles or wheels and no tyres that fit the rimmed wheels on the car I put it to one side. In todays Pendles delivery I received a pair of Revoslot 2.38mm bearings, these have now been fitted to the cars along with a new axle and replacement wheels and NSR tyres. Although not eligible for any club classes I will try the car again this week at my club to see how it goes now.

Also in the Pendle's delivery was a pack of Plafit spacers and I have changed the front chassis/axle and guide mounting point, on the red Mini Sprint, and have put the spring back in place along with a smaller spacer, from this pack, which will allow a small amount of movement but nothing like the original setup. I have also had to reduce the wheelbase slightly to make sure the guide isn't visible from above.

From Keith
08-05-2022   (16:17:31)

Latest arrivals
Received 2 deliveries of parts today.
As my normal suppliers were all out of stock I ended up ordering 2 packs of Slot.It spherical bearings from Gaugemaster at full list price.
Also had a delivery from Pendle's with 3 Penelope Pitlane chassis, all different types, some Mitoos wheels and tyres for some of my 1950's cars, an assortment of short axles, some 9T pinions, NSR vintage style tyres with a few other bits. I also ordered a new Team Slot inline motor pod to see if I can cure the problems with the Audi Quattro chassis and some 2mm spacers for the Plafit chassis to shorten the movement in the front of the chassis.

From Keith
06-05-2022   (16:18:00)

Latest arrivals
Recieved this Triumph Spitfire 1/32nd scale resin body kit by Ocar Scale Replicas with decals for one of three cars from Le mans 1965. This is the second of these kits I have. This kit has a different decal sheet to the other kit but still covers the same three cars.

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