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From Keith
29-11-2021   (16:10:41)

Latest arrivals
Recieved a few Betta & Classic bodies today....

1/32nd scale Betta 1969 Porsche 917 LH in plasticard & clear for the glazing.

1/32nd scale Betta 1970 Porsche 917K in clear, this will be painted red and going on to one of my Womp chassis to replicated the car I ran in the 1974/75.

1/32nd scale Betta 1964 Shelby Cobra Daytona in plasticard & clear for the glazing.

1/24th scale Betta 1966 Ford GT40 MkII in clear, this will be fitted to one of the chassis I received the other day.

1/24th scale Betta 1972 Mini in clear, this is for club racing.

Final item is a Classic Fibreglass 1/32nd scale 1963 Zerex Cooper Oldsmobile and this is for my Goodwood 1964 TT grid.

From Keith
25-11-2021   (16:11:58)

Latest arrivals
Had a couple of 1/24th scale cars arrive today, don't really know what the are.

This steel chassis one is complete but has been fitted with a Johnston motor so that will have to go.

Would appear to be a MAC Lola T160 body on a Champion or Parma Flexi chassis

The second car would appear to be a Lotus 40 body on a brass adjustable, possible kit chassis.

The general opinion seems be that the body is by Riggen, possibly from 1966-67 and the chassis is probably by AYK.

From Keith
20-11-2021   (16:10:18)

Latest arrivals
Received two VIP cars today...

First a VIP MGA 1/32nd scale slot car which ia a runner and just appears to be missing the windscreen.
Second a VIP Ferrari 156 Sharknose, not in the best of condition but a runner.
With this came a couple of SMER 1/24th scale plastic kits..
A Tolbot Lago 1949 GP car.
And a Alfa Romeo Alfetta 1950 GP car.
The plan is to make both of these in to slot cars.

From Keith
18-11-2021   (16:13:41)

Latest arrivals
Received a 1/24th scale Revel Lotus 23 with adjustable ladder chassis.

From Keith
17-11-2021   (16:12:20)

Car updates
Gave the Slot.it Ford GT40 body it's topcoat of clearcoat to day using the standard Zero Paints Clearcoat. Will leave it for a day or two before it start adding the rest of the body parts.. Still need to order wheels and tyres for it.

From Keith
17-11-2021   (16:13:05)

Latest arrivals
Received a couple of items today, first up a Resin Ford Cortina Mk2 body shell which came with a PCS chassis. This will probably get an Alan Mann paint job.

Second was a complete PCS chassis kit with wire wheels.

From Keith
16-11-2021   (16:12:49)

Latest arrivals
An ex club member kindly gave me a Mr Slot Car Porsche 911 GT1 Evo slot car.

From Keith
15-11-2021   (16:12:33)

Car updates
Finally got around to applying the decals to the Slot.it Ford GT40 body, all went on well but as I feared the roundel on the bonnet doesn't fit properly due to the insert moulding not the decals

From Keith
30-10-2021   (16:14:03)

Latest arrivals
Received this, my second, Revell Lightweight E-Type Jaguar 1/32nd scale slot car today.

From Keith
28-10-2021   (16:14:16)

Latest arrivals
Received my second Revell Cobra Daytona Coupe slot car today, this is the same model as my other Revell Cobra and will at some point receive new marking to represent on of the 1964 Goodwood TT cars.

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