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From Keith
24-04-2023   (17:23:52)

Car updates
I've finished building the second chassis for the SRC BMW and both car and second chassis have been tested on my home track and run quite well, the car is very stable. Next up will be to test both on my clubs track.

I've also changed the Policar pod in the Eagle Weslake as when running last week at my club it was very noisy, I've swopped the motors in the pods so I'm still running the same motor.

As I now had this pod spare I have decided to start work on my Super Shells F1 Ferrari 518 as I also have a Pendle's Super Shells 3D printed front end for the pod. So far all I've don't is glue the mounting post in place, just one at the front as the motor pod is supported by the drivers cockpit tray.

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