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From Keith
13-07-2020   (14:27:18)

The story of 2013
The 1/32nd scale scenic layout comes to an end
and I start to build a 1/43rd scale layout instead.
I also start to collect Jouef 1/40th scale cars

From Keith
06-07-2020   (18:00:20)

April 2013
Track update
Rally In A Shed 2
As I have already said the 'water' in the main pond did not like the cold weather and did not set properly and split and lifted, it now also sees to have reacted with the paint on the pond base. Well it would seem to be a problem with the 'water' I have used as the small pond is now lifting and as it appears to have lifted the paint from the plaster I can only assume it has srunk in the cold.

rally in a shed 2 0789

rally in a shed 2 0790

rally in a shed 2 0791

rally in a shed 2 0792
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From Keith
02-07-2020   (18:00:20)

May 2013
Track update
Rally In A Shed 2
This is as far as the track build got to. With the building of the 'Winter Layout' and the purchase of quite a few Jouef 1/40th scale cars this layout was not getting used. So I decided now was as good a time as any to end the track so the track is now dead and as of the end of May 2013 I have started to remove the track.

The new track will be a simple 1/40th scale two lane flat race track and will be called 'Westleigh Motor racing Circuit'.

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