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From Keith
26-08-2021   (16:11:43)

Latest arrivals
A little delivery of parts today from Top Slots n Trains, mostly parts..
A HRS2 inline chassis starter kit and a set of chassis body adaptors. This will be going in the SCX Nascar body for some club racing.
A couple of 29k motors.
Some wheels and tyres along with a complete rear axle set.
three sets of Sideways guides.
A Gaugemaster tool set, I didn't need the pinion puller as I already have one but it was the cheapest way to get the rest of the tools.

From Keith
25-08-2021   (16:11:29)

Latest arrivals
Received this SCX Chevrolet Nascar #29 Reese's, I only need the body for club night racing and I am awaiting the delivery of a replacement chassis for it.

From Keith
24-08-2021   (16:11:16)

Latest arrivals
Received a set of decals from Le Mans Decals for the Policar Ferrari 330 P4 which will be the #19 car from Le Mans 1967.

From Keith
23-08-2021   (16:10:56)

Latest arrivals
Received this Airfix McLaren M23. There is a bit of damage to the rear chrome and wing but I will use the parts from my body kit to fix this and it will be fitted with a Penelope Pitlane chassis for club racing.

Also received a selection of urethane tyres from RS Slot Cars...
A pair my Revel Lotus Cortina, already fitted.
2 pair for the sidewinder Scalextric GT40s.
2 pair of Monogram 9mm wide.
2 pair of Monogram 6mm wide.
3 pair for the Airfix slimline clubman chassis.
A pair for the Airfix Vauxhall Viva.
And a pair for the cube motor Airfix Mini Cooper.

From Keith
19-08-2021   (16:09:43)

Latest arrivals
Little delivery of parts from Pendel Slot Racing today...
Some 9T brass pinions for my slimline can motors.
Some 28T and 27T inline pinions.
some 45 and 48mm axles.
All the above parts are from
Some PCS 14" alloy wheels complete with tyres and steel inserts, these are for use with the Airfix Ford Zodiac MkIII which now has a PCS chassis fitted.
A SRP 30k slimline motor.
And a couple of Scaleauto 25k motors.

Also received this 35 ohm MRRC controller which appears to be new. This will replace the 30 and 40 ohm Airfix/MRRC barrel controllers I'm using and my Airfix layout at the moment once fitted with a 2amp plug.
As this was an eBay charity shop sale I also bought this Scalextric E/2 Aston Martin complete with box and instructions. It's a non runner at the moment as it needs a motor and braids. It should also have lights but these are also missing, not sure if I will replace them, with LEDs, or not.

From Keith
18-08-2021   (16:09:29)

Latest arrivals
Received the following white kit cars today from Top Slots n Trains...
Policar Ferrari 330 P4. Maserati MC GT3.
And a Racer Sideways Ford Mustang Group 5.
All these are for racing at the club I am now attending.

From Keith
07-08-2021   (16:06:26)

Latest arrivals
I ended up being the only bidder for this Monogram Ferrari 330 P/LM (Ferrari 250LM) fitted with the drop arm chassis.

From Keith
21-07-2021   (16:01:32)

Latest arrivals
Received this Monogram Jaguar Lightweight E-Type from Le Mans 1964 today from the USA, this will be getting new numbers to represent the car as it raced at the Goodwood TT in 1964.

From Keith
18-07-2021   (16:41:28)

Track update
Even before this latest little heat wave I was having heat related problems with the foam board infill on the new layout. The room the track is in faces south and although the track is behind closed curtains it still takes the full brunt of the sun on a clear day. I haven't had any problems with any of the other tracks here but then none have had solid infills.
The Artin track was just laid on the baseboard covering with grass scatter applied to the covering, this track is still there under the plywood cover and the visible parts seem ok. The Scalextric and Jouef track along with the first Airfix Monte Carlo track just sat on top of the plywood as did the previous Airfix layout and the last Monte layout. Both of these had some borders in place but the tracks all had room to move apart from the original Artin layout which ended up being glued to the baseboard covering bny the PVA used for the scatter.
I don't know if it's the foam board expanding, the track moving or a bit of both but there are problems with the foam board. In a lot of places the edge of the foam board has lifted above the track edge and most of the places that I added a small amount of filler this has come free from the track and foam board and fallen to the bottom of the gap.
A lot of the wider cars don't like the raised edges and it is even de-slotting some cars so with this in mind I need to find a solution. I did think about cutting the foam board back a little bit to leave a small gap and allow for expansion but as some of the cars, mainly the older Airfix and Jouef cars have very rounded profile tyres I'm not sure how well this would work.
Option two was to cut the foam board away and replace the plastic Airfix borders as at least they will move with the track if that is indeed the problem. Only problem with this is that I don't have enough borders and they are very hard to find and also Airfix never made any inner borders.
With option two in mind I have spent most of today experimenting with 3D printing some borders and they seem to be coming out quite good. Need to continue tweaking but we will see what happens tomorrow.

From Keith
17-07-2021   (21:57:20)

Car updates
Following on from the full video posted yesterday I have now added individual videos for each car and some photos taken the day after the video was shot.
Scalextric GT40 Mk2 #8.
Scalextric GT40 #59
Scalextric GT40 Mk2 #3
Scalextric GT40 Mk2 #2
Scalextric GT40 Mk2 #1
Scalextric GT40 Mk2 #5
Fly Ford GT40 Mk2 #7
Fly Ford Gt40 #12
Altaya (SCX) Ferrari 330 P3 #27

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