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From Keith
30-07-2022   (22:14:15)

Latest arrivals
Received a 1/32nd scale resin Hillman Hunter body shell

From Keith
27-07-2022   (01:12:38)

Latest arrivals
Received a Revel Monogram Ford Shelby Mustang 350 GTR today, complete with case and sleve.

Also received some vintage Scalextric cars.
Two C81 Cooper (T77) Junior F1< cars in white

and in red

Finally a C16 Ferrari 33 P4

From Keith
21-07-2022   (01:13:25)

Latest arrivals
Received a few vintage 1/24th scale kits, bodies, chassis today.

A Cox Ferrari F1 kit which appears to be complete, unboxed but does include the decals and a copy of the instruction sheet. The body has been painted but none of the parts have been fitted and the chassis is unbuilt.

Next is a Classis Oldsmobile Toronado complete chassis and body, the body is warped at the back and what appears to be a re-poped spare unpainted body has been supplied.

There is also a Russkit Spyder inline F1 chassis still in it packaging although the film has split. Hopefully complete.

With is came a painted and used Lotus 38 lexen body.

From Keith
18-07-2022   (16:13:33)

Car updates
Did some more work on the Ferrari 156 today, just detail work. I have painted the driver figure which represents Wolfgang Von Trips, the car represents his drive in the 1961 Netherlands GP which was the first win for Von Trips and the first win for the 156. Looking a photos there appears to be a bit of colour discrepancy with his overalls colour but there seem to be more showing them white than light blue so I have left the driver figure white. Next time I print some decals I will need to do the badge for his helmet. The driver figure is now glued to the body along with the windscreen, the carb cover, I was going to paint these with a thin coat of clear smoke but have left the transparent, and I have also added the vents behind the carb covers. I haven't added the exhausts yet as these need to sit under the rear axle and while it should be fairly easy to slide the chassis out I will wait until the car has been tested and i don't need to remove the chassis for any reason.
Both the Ferrari and Lotus 25 will have a test run at my club track tomorrow, both are eligible for our 61-85 F1 class but with it's narrow track I don't think the Ferrari will be very competitive. The Lotus being unfinished won't be eligible to race but at least I see how well it goes.

From Keith
17-07-2022   (16:14:17)

Car updates
More work done on the Ferrari 156 and Lotus 25 today.
Pendle's say that you can use an axle stopper on the front axle to prevent movement and a small stopper does indeed fit but you need to chamfer the front of the front body mounting screw hole moulding and then when you fit the chassis to the body the body post is in the way so instead I have used NSR brass axle spacers on both cars with thin larger diameter steel spacers to protect the chassis and wheels from wear. The rear axle on the Ferrari chassis needed cutting down as the Policar chassis is designed for later F1 car with a wider track and this has now been done. I have also added a rear mounting post to the Ferrari body.
Both chassis are now mounted to the bodies and I need to add a rear body post to the Lotus and then paint the body, I will probably do the #4 Jim Clark car from the 1963 British GP but at the moment it's way to hot to even think about painting the body.

From Keith
16-07-2022   (16:14:32)

Car updates
I have quite a few F1 car bodies from the 60's including some Super Shells which are perfect for fitting out with Policar chassis and 3D printed front end available from Pendle's.
The first 2 I have decided to do are a Super Shells Lotus 25 and to change the chassis under the Super Shells Ferrari 156 Sharknose which at the moment has my own 3D chassis fitted. The Lotus can use the wheels that come with the chassis kit but I will need narrower wheels for the Ferrari and so I ordered a set of Mitoos classic wire wheels and tyres with the second chassis that arrived yesterday. The chassis kits come with a front mounting post and these have been epoxy glued to the bodies. Whilst the post is a good fit for the Ferrari I had to shorten the post for the Lotus and had to remove part of the rear mounting point/lower gearbox moulding.

From Keith
15-07-2022   (16:15:02)

Latest arrivals
Received a Slot.It Ferrari 512M today

Along with some parts from Pendle's including
a PSR 3D chassis for my Revoslot Porsche 911 GT2
a pendles Super Shells Policar F1 chassis kit
and a selection of Scale Auto parts.

From Keith
05-07-2022   (16:15:30)

Latest arrivals

From Keith
30-06-2022   (16:15:44)

Latest arrivals
Today I received 3 slot cars,
a Scalextric VW T1 Panel van complete with case.

and two Revell 1/32nd scale slot cars,
a Shelby AC Cobra Daytona

and a Porsche 550 Spyder.

From Keith
28-06-2022   (16:16:01)

Latest arrivals
Today I received some more vintage items today...
a 1/24th scale Revell Ford GT Roadster body c/w driver figures and decals.

Also from Revell a 1/24th scale Ford Shelby Mustang 350GT body c/w driver figure.

This also came with a Revell 1/24th scale chassis.

A almost complete Cox 1/24th scale BRM with a few missing body parts.

The final item was a 1/24th scale Cox Lotus 40 driver figure.

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