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From Keith
23-06-2022   (16:16:17)

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Today I received a vintage Monogram Ferrari 330P/LM (250LM) complete with box.

From Keith
22-06-2022   (16:16:33)

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Recieved 2 vintage MRRC clear lexan car bodies today,
a 1/32nd scale Ford Mirage

and a 1/32nd scale Ford P68, called by MRRC a Ford Sports Prototype.

From Keith
21-06-2022   (16:16:48)

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Received a MRRC Ford GT40 Mk4 1/32nd scale slot car today.

From Keith
11-06-2022   (13:55:02)

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From Keith
09-06-2022   (13:55:41)

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Received a Buzco vintage sidewinder chassis.

From Keith
28-05-2022   (16:15:16)

Latest arrivals
Spent the day at the UK Slot Festival at Gaydon and of cause I had to buy a few bits...

NSR Porsche 917K complete with box.

NSR Formula 86/89 Blue Toshiba new in box.

A very nice tempo printed vintage Jouef Porsche GT in 1/40th scale. .

Scalextric Ford GT40 Mk2 another for my Le Mans 1966 grid.

A vintage boxed pair of Strombecker cars containing a Ford J Car.
and Porsche Carrera 6.

A scratch built Porsche 910 using a Pendle's chassis.

Team Slot VW Beetle GT1.

A vintage 1/24th scaleCox Chaparral 2 .

Monogram Ford Fairlane.

Scxalextric Mclaren M23.

A resin Pre Wing kit of the 1957 short nose Monaco Vanwall VW5.

A made up Merit Connaught F1 plastic kit in 1/24th scale complete with box.

A 1/24th scale Ford GT40 kit.

A resin 1/32nd scale Ford Capri Mk1 body.

A 1/24th scale Revell Ferrari 250GTO body.

I also collected a pre-order from Pendle's of motors, Slot.It pods and assorted guides.

From Keith
26-05-2022   (13:56:31)

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Received 2 vintage K&B chassis, a 1/24th scale that is complete but could do with new tyres and a 1/32dn scale that needs new motor wires and is missing two tyres although it will get a full new set.

From Keith
20-05-2022   (13:56:17)

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Received a Lagatija 1/32nd scale resin Porsche 356 body kit and chassis today.

From Keith
19-05-2022   (13:55:59)

Latest arrivals
Received 4 Starter resin 1/43rd scale kits today

Porsche 956 Henns Swap Shop 1983 Brands Hatch

Porsche 962C Rothmans Winner 1986 Le Mans

Porsche 962C Kenwood 1985 le Mans #11

Porsche 962C Torno 1985 Le Mans #19

From Keith
18-05-2022   (22:14:34)

Latest arrivals
Received this Fly Porsche 908 Flunder LH this morning

And this Afternoon this Sideways Porsche 935 Gp5 arrived

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