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From Keith
12-04-2022   (13:57:12)

Car updates
I've change the motor in the Lotus 49, the Penelope Pitlane chassis was fitted with a SPR 30k motor and 9/27 gears but I have now replaced the motor with a SRP 35k but to give a bit more brake I have changed the gears to 9/28. On testing at the club track this evening the car appeared to be running ok but then kept stopping, it would then run for a few inches and stop again. It was suggested that the crown gear may be to large for the the PP chassis so some more work will be required.

From Keith
05-04-2022   (16:02:02)

Latest arrivals
Received a MRRC Porsche 910 body kit today, looks like a lot of parts and no instructions.

From Keith
01-04-2022   (16:01:48)

Latest arrivals
Busy day today, had three deliveries...
First this Porsche 911 by Revoslot, not sure really why I bought this as it doesn't fit in with my home cars and I can't use it at my club either. Will give it a test at the club though just to see how it goes.

Second delivery was some parts from Pendle's including some more Scaleauto Outlaw 35k motors, a Mr Slotcar long can motor pod and some anglwinder gears and a 2.38mm reamer as some of my wheels are a bit on the tight side.

Final delivery of the day was some 3D printed chassis from Amato..
2 for the Fly Kit Lister Storm
1 for the Ninco Jaguar XK120
and 1 for the Airfix MG 1100

From Keith
29-03-2022   (16:41:59)

Latest arrivals
Small delivery from H+T Motor Racing in Germany.
A few parts but main item is a metal Palfit Super32 chassis.

From Keith
23-03-2022   (16:02:44)

Latest arrivals
Received a couple of packages today.
The first contained a Ninco green Jaguar XK120 rally car.

The second contained a largest order from Pendles,
NSR classic tyres, 18.5x9, 20x8.5 and 21x10
PCS 8.25mm wide 16" and Sloting Plus16.9 x 10mm with BSS insert alloy wheels
57.5 mm, 48mm and 45mm anxles
Slot.It inline bronze 26t, 27t and 27 t offset crown gears
Slot.It Alloy axle stoppers and spacers for hubs and bushings 0.10 - 0.25mm along with some 1mm NSR brass and 2mm plastic axle spacers
SRP 35k slimline motor
Scaleauto 35k long can Outlaw motor and 2 25k S-Can Tech-2 motors
NSR wood guides and some 0.25mm spacers
Finally some more Policar borders, R1 inner and R2 inner and outer.

From Keith
17-03-2022   (16:03:00)

Latest arrivals
Received some 1/24th scale cars today, for racing on my clubs vintage meets, thanks to the generosity of a fellow club member.

From Keith
15-03-2022   (16:03:17)

Latest arrivals
Received some sheets of stickers for a few of my Jouef cars so I can put them in to the marking of real cars by Couleur Course.
1 sheet for Porsche 911 #41 Le Mans 1971.

1 sheet for Ford GT #16 Le Mans 1967.

1 sheet for Chaparral 2E #7 Le Mans 1967.

1 sheet for Porsche 904 #35 Le Mans 1964.

1 sheet for Ford GT #10 Le Mans 1964.

1 sheet for Alpine 3000 #57 Le Mans 1968, this makes the car an A210.

1 sheet for Ford Capri #84 Le Mans 1972.

1 sheet for Porsche 904 #36 Le Mans 1965.

1 sheet for Matra 630 #146 winner 1970 Tour de France.

From Keith
13-03-2022   (16:03:32)

Latest arrivals
Received a 1.0mm offset motor pod, 4 0.5mm motor pods and a zero offset motor pod all by from a Slot Forum International member.

From Keith
07-03-2022   (16:03:47)

Latest arrivals
Received another delivery of slot car parts from Pendle's
A replacement motor pod for my NSR Ford MkIV.
Also by NSR another Shark Evo 25k motor, some 21x10 and 20x8.5 ultragrip tyres and a set of BBS wheel inserts for 17" wheels.
Also a pair Policar alloy rear wheels and a pack of tyres for the 70's F1 cars.
A set of Pendle's resin 12mm BRM wheel inserts and a set of 12mm wire wheel inserts with ears
Finally some Penelope Pitlane decals, plain white roundels, white roundels with black border and black numbers.

From Keith
27-02-2022   (16:04:31)

Latest arrivals
Received a Policar March 701 F1 Jean-Pierre Jarier Monza 1971.

Also recieved 3 sets Staffs alloy wheels

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