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From Keith
05-04-2022   (16:02:02)

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Received a MRRC Porsche 910 body kit today, looks like a lot of parts and no instructions.

From Keith
01-04-2022   (16:01:48)

Latest arrivals
Busy day today, had three deliveries...
First this Porsche 911 by Revoslot, not sure really why I bought this as it doesn't fit in with my home cars and I can't use it at my club either. Will give it a test at the club though just to see how it goes.

Second delivery was some parts from Pendle's including some more Scaleauto Outlaw 35k motors, a Mr Slotcar long can motor pod and some anglwinder gears and a 2.38mm reamer as some of my wheels are a bit on the tight side.

Final delivery of the day was some 3D printed chassis from Amato..
2 for the Fly Kit Lister Storm
1 for the Ninco Jaguar XK120
and 1 for the Airfix MG 1100

From Keith
29-03-2022   (16:41:59)

Latest arrivals
Small delivery from H+T Motor Racing in Germany.
A few parts but main item is a metal Palfit Super32 chassis.

From Keith
23-03-2022   (16:02:44)

Latest arrivals
Received a couple of packages today.
The first contained a Ninco green Jaguar XK120 rally car.

The second contained a largest order from Pendles,
NSR classic tyres, 18.5x9, 20x8.5 and 21x10
PCS 8.25mm wide 16" and Sloting Plus16.9 x 10mm with BSS insert alloy wheels
57.5 mm, 48mm and 45mm anxles
Slot.It inline bronze 26t, 27t and 27 t offset crown gears
Slot.It Alloy axle stoppers and spacers for hubs and bushings 0.10 - 0.25mm along with some 1mm NSR brass and 2mm plastic axle spacers
SRP 35k slimline motor
Scaleauto 35k long can Outlaw motor and 2 25k S-Can Tech-2 motors
NSR wood guides and some 0.25mm spacers
Finally some more Policar borders, R1 inner and R2 inner and outer.

From Keith
17-03-2022   (16:03:00)

Latest arrivals
Received some 1/24th scale cars today, for racing on my clubs vintage meets, thanks to the generosity of a fellow club member.

From Keith
15-03-2022   (16:03:17)

Latest arrivals
Received some sheets of stickers for a few of my Jouef cars so I can put them in to the marking of real cars by Couleur Course.
1 sheet for Porsche 911 #41 Le Mans 1971.

1 sheet for Ford GT #16 Le Mans 1967.

1 sheet for Chaparral 2E #7 Le Mans 1967.

1 sheet for Porsche 904 #35 Le Mans 1964.

1 sheet for Ford GT #10 Le Mans 1964.

1 sheet for Alpine 3000 #57 Le Mans 1968, this makes the car an A210.

1 sheet for Ford Capri #84 Le Mans 1972.

1 sheet for Porsche 904 #36 Le Mans 1965.

1 sheet for Matra 630 #146 winner 1970 Tour de France.

From Keith
13-03-2022   (16:03:32)

Latest arrivals
Received a 1.0mm offset motor pod, 4 0.5mm motor pods and a zero offset motor pod all by from a Slot Forum International member.

From Keith
07-03-2022   (16:03:47)

Latest arrivals
Received another delivery of slot car parts from Pendle's
A replacement motor pod for my NSR Ford MkIV.
Also by NSR another Shark Evo 25k motor, some 21x10 and 20x8.5 ultragrip tyres and a set of BBS wheel inserts for 17" wheels.
Also a pair Policar alloy rear wheels and a pack of tyres for the 70's F1 cars.
A set of Pendle's resin 12mm BRM wheel inserts and a set of 12mm wire wheel inserts with ears
Finally some Penelope Pitlane decals, plain white roundels, white roundels with black border and black numbers.

From Keith
27-02-2022   (16:04:31)

Latest arrivals
Received a Policar March 701 F1 Jean-Pierre Jarier Monza 1971.

Also recieved 3 sets Staffs alloy wheels

From Keith
24-02-2022   (16:04:02)

Latest arrivals
Had a delivery from Pendle's today.
A new chassis for the Slot.It Lancia LC2.
Also some NSR low grip front tyres (18.5x8.5mm and 17x8mm)
NSR rear tyres (17x8mm and 18x8mm)
A NSR Shark Evo 25k motor
A slot.It 33Tx18mm sidewinder gear, 11Tx6mm sidewinder brass pinion, a pack (4) of 17.3x8.2 plastic wheels and a couple of wood guides

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