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From Keith
11-02-2020   (18:00:05)

The story of 1960's
My first slot car set and Minic slot cars

From Keith
29-01-2020   (10:24:22)

My first slot car set
Long ago for Christmas one year I received a Scalextric set the only thing I really remember about it was that it had a red shark nose Ferrari in it

and the track was a figure eight .Having done some Google searches it would seem that this had to be set GP33 the only one to contain the Ferrari 156 which was only available in 1963.

So now I know when I first started to slot race as a seven year old in 1963 opps that's let my age out.The set was setup and used over Christmas day and Boxing day but after this it did not get a lot of use.My friends at the time did not have a lot of interest in slot racing and as an only child I had to just drive one car around and around or hope that my dad would have time to play but most times it just took to long to set it up and so it didn't get used. It also didn't help that to start with it was being run from battery packs.
The following year for my Birthday or Christmas I received a train set and with that came a mains transformer so no more batteries. In the end after a year or so the set was sold and thus ended my early introduction to slot cars

From Keith
Late 1960's
The Triang Minic days
I'm saying the late Sixties but I have to admit that it could have been the early Seventies when I next had a slot car set. I obtained a secondhand Minic Motorway set, this was not a racing set but a roadway set. Minic did do sports car racing sets and the cars came with racing numbers. Anyway I'm not sure if it was bought for me or I bought it myself. If I bought it myself then it would probably have been in 1970 when I started doing a newspaper round.

Here a few thing I found on the web that I know I had.

One of the track sections I bought was the Humpback Bridge. This did cause a few problems...

The Coach was always interesting to drive but when the humpback bridge was installed the coach became a real problem as it would bottom out on the top of the hump. As the coach had a metal chassis this would short the track and trip the transformer. This was solved with use if insulating tape but the coach would still bottom out.

I also had a lorry which I seem to remember as an articulated unit for some reason. The pages above show some of the lorries made but I just can't say if I had any of these. I know that it did get stuck on the hump back bridge like the coach.

I had some of the traffic lights which could be used at the crossroads.

I also had a set of road signs as the ones above or it could have been the one's shown opposite. Minic made a whole set of roads signs including direction boards which I seem to remember I also had.

I was lucky that near to home was a shop that sold Minic cars and accessories, this was not a toy shop as such but a baby shop. They mainly sold prams, push chairs and cots but also had a small toy section selling Minic, trains sets and scalextric

One of the cars I had was the Humber Fire Chief's car in red with Fire on the sides. This was one of the first cars I had and I don't know if it came with the set or I bought it.

I'm sure that the Jaguar Police car came with the Motorway set the I had and I'm sure that the set also contained the

Jaguar E-Type this made it a chase set as apposed to being a racing set. I can't remember what colour the E-Type was.

Another picture of the Coach, mine was purchased separately and came with the box as shown.

I had both the crossroads track section and the hump back bridge but as I bought lots of extra track, the original set could have been either of the layouts shown above.

The signs I had could have been the first set shown or the set above. I only had one set but couldn't tell you which one.

I did have a lot of borders which are made to look like pavement sections. These units are made the wrong way round as the pavement goes against the track and the grass forms a slopping verge down to your baseboard. In England you will find lots of slopping verges but these are between the road and the footpath. Why pavement, well you have to remember that Minic was designed to be used with Traing railway sets. You could get a unit that had road and rail and let you build a train car transporter loading platform. You could also get a railway crossing and I did have one of these.

Power was again provided by the transformer that had been bought for my original Scalextric set and kept to power the train set I had after the Scalectrix was sold.

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