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This car is NIB and gives me a livery I have been meaning to do for a long time. I had the WinnWagan version of this car back in 1975 and had intended to either repaint my blue WinnWagon or build up the Matchbox kit which cam with a extra set of decals to build this car. This car is eligible for the classis sports car class at my club but in some ways I hope it's not that quick as I'm not sure I want to race this car.

s1186 2023-03-23 A

s1186 2023-03-23 B

s1186 2023-03-23 C

s1186 2023-03-23 D

s1186 2023-03-23 E

s1186 2023-03-23 F

s1186 2023-03-23 G

s1186 2023-03-23 H


A short video taken on my current Policar layout.

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