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These photos taken on 27/3/2023 show the current state of this build now that the NSR truck wheels have been thinned down and fitted with NSR truck tyres.

s1188 2023-03-27 B

s1188 2023-03-27 A

s1188 2023-03-27 C

s1188 2023-03-27 D

s1188 2023-03-27 E

s1188 2023-03-27 F

s1188 2023-03-27 G


The body has now been painted using Zero paints primer and Matra Blue.

s1188 2023-04-09 A

s1188 2023-04-09 B

s1188 2023-04-09 C

s1188 2023-04-09 D

s1188 2023-04-09 E

s1188 2023-04-09 F


When I painted the body I used my dehydrator, which was on to heat my shed, to help dry the paint and unfortunately I left in there to long which softened the resin and the side pods got distorted by the paint stand springs. Despite various attempts to correct them one of the side pods keeps going out of shape and ends up rubbing against the rear wheel. Due to this I have now purchased another body kit and this has now been primed.

s1188 2023-05-24 A


The body now has it's topcoat, Matra Blue from Zero Paints as before, and clear coated ready for decals.
The gearing on the chassis has also been changed to 9/25 still using Slot.It gears.

s1188 2023-06-01 B

s1188 2023-06-01 C

s1188 2023-06-01 D

s1188 2023-06-01 A


The decals have now been added along with the front grill.

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