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I bought this MRRC body kit just over a year ago and though it was time I finally started a build with it.

The kit is very comprehensive and has a lot of parts that won't be used in this build. It looks like the kit includes all the parts to build any version of the short tail with either 6 or 8 cylinders. The 6 cylinder version can even be built with covers over in intake stacks.

So far I have just glued the bonnet opening cover, rear panel and cills in place, all the other parts are just clipped in place.

I have decided to build this car, #38 from le Mans 1967, which is a 910/6


Whist doing a bit of tiding up a found this MRRC inline chassis which is a perfect fit for the body as the body was designed to take either the MRRC adjustable inline or sidewinder chassis.
The chassis has been fitted with a SRP Speed 30 slimline motor fitted with a SRP 8T pinion. The rear axle is 45mm and fitted with Slot.It alloy wheels and a 27T offset crown gear, the tyres are NSR 21x10mm Classis Ultragrips. The front axle is 40mm and fitted with a pair of MRRC plastic narrow wheels and the tyres are from the spares box, probably from Pendle's.
I have ordered a set of decals from Le Mans Decals


I gave the car a test run today and even though most of the body parts are still just clipped together it ran quite well.


I have now painted the body white, using Zero paints Porsche Martini White, and clear coated it ready for the decals which have been ordered from Le Mans Decals. I have also painted and primed some of the other parts ready for detail painting. The canopy has been painted and clear coated as is now ready to fit to the body when it's finished.


I applied the decals to the body a couple of days ago.

The car is is storage awaiting final assembly and detail painting.

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