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This Italeri 1/24th scale kit is one of two I have bought to build in to slot cars for our 1/2th scale saloon car class which has been modified for this year to allow a larger range of cars and types of body..


I've started work building this car, which is one of three I will doing with the others being a Volkswagen Golf GTi and Datsun Bluebird 1800SS. All the parts being used in this build are new apart from the guide and braids. The chassis is a 3D print by Amato, the same as I am using in all three builds, which comes with straight and tapered side body mounts, the latter of which are needed for this build. The wheels are 17mm diam from BRM with 8.4mm fronts and 10mm rears fitted with NSR tyres 20 x 8.5mm low grip fronts and 21 x 10mm classic supergrips at the rear. The motor is a 25k SRP long can speed25 firtted with a 11t Slot.It Pinion in a zero offset Slot.It angle winder pod driving a Slot.It Z30 ergal spur gear held in alignment by a centrally placed axle stopper. The guide is a NSR deep wood guide fitted with NSR braids. The chassis screws on to a pair for side body mounts which have been fitted with a length of 1mm EDM foam and superglued to the body. Next job is to true the tyres and then test on the club track.

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