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Slotcars66 Jaguar E Type 1/32nd scale Airfix slot car red #12
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Jaguar E Type 1/32nd scale Airfix slot car red #12

Received 16/8/2018

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I bought two early Airfix sets (MR11) and a box of extra track and this was on of six cars I found in the box.
The car is not in the best of condition and is a non runner but two spare motors came with it and one of these is now fitted but it's still a non-runner. The cars bodywork is in reasonable condition with only a rear bumper overrider and the exhaust pipes missing although the hardtop has come unglued. Slot car wise the rear axle needs sorting out and it needs a new rear offside wheel and rear tyres.

s224 2018-08-17 6

s224 2018-08-17 1

s224 2018-08-17 2

s224 2018-08-17 3

s224 2018-08-17 4

s224 2018-08-17 5

s224 2018-08-17 7
As I said at the top of the page this car needed quite a bit of work to get it running. Although I had already replaced the motor the rear axle was still loose and a rear wheel was missing. Although I have a reasonable selection of Airfix parts they don't include any Jaguar rear wheels. On closer inspection it turns out that the Ferrari F1 rear wheels are about the same size and have just about the same width, although they are wire wheels the design is a little different. Having fitted the new rear axle and wheel unit, borrowed from an early Ferrari F1 as I needed plain red wheels, when the car was put back together the rear axle was still loose. On closer inspection and having taken the car apart it turned out that one of the posts on the body insert that clamps the axle in place was broken, so I have now super glued the plastic axle bearing in place in the floor pan.

s224 2021-02-09 1

s224 2021-02-09 2

s224 2021-02-09 3
The hardtop still needs fixing back in place.
A short video shot on 15/2/2021 will running the car on my Airfix Monte Carlo Rally layout as were the above phots taken on 9/2/2021.

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