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This is a MRRC release of the Airfix Lotus Cortina Mk1 and uses the Hi-Speed configuration where all the parts clip in to the body shell.

Photos taken on my Extended Airfix Monte Carlo rally layout.

s386 2017-09-13 A

s386 2017-09-13 B

s386 2017-09-13 C

s386 2017-09-13 D
Taken on my Scalextric Westleigh Motor Racing Circuit layout.

s386 2017-10-01 A

s386 2017-10-01 A
More photos taken on my Scalextric Westleigh Motor Racing Circuit layout.

s386 2017-10-17 A

s386 2017-10-17 B

s386 2017-10-17 C

s386 2017-12-29 A

s386 2017-12-29 B

s386 2017-12-29 C

s386 2017-12-29 D

s386 2017-12-29 E

s386 2017-12-29 F
Taken on my Monte Carlo Rally layout on 1/2/2021.

s386 2021-02-01 A

Also a small video taken at the same time. The tyres on the car have gone quite hard and even with a sanding have very little grip as can be seen in the video.


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