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Slotcars66 Porsche 904 GT 1/40th scale Jouef slot car white #8 late style
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Porsche 904 GT 1/40th scale Jouef slot car white #8 late style

Received 5/12/2012

Stock code: 3640


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This was one of my first two Jouef cars.
It is one of the later style cars with amber glass and the last style of plain grey wire wheels with fixed non steering front wheels. The front wheels clip on to a small split plastic stub axle which can be easily broken.
This car arrived with the left headlight lens missing. Unlike most 904GT's I've seen it also has no red strip going the full length of the body.


Added 3 photos taken during the building of my Winter Layout.

s46 2012-12-05 A

s46 2012-12-05 B

s46 2012-12-05 C


s46 2013-01-12 A


The cars has now been stripped down and some parts have been donated to other cars.

s46 2013-03-04 A

s46 2013-03-04 C

s46 2013-03-04 B


This car has now been rebuilt but is running fairly slow.

s46 2016-05-15 B

s46 2016-05-15 D

s46 2016-05-15 A

s46 2016-05-15 C


Running on my Airfix Monte Carlo layout.


A short video taken on my latest Policar layout.

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