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A few photos taken around the latest version of the layout. Still got lots of borders to add but slowly getting there.
The white area in the middle of the inner loop is some foam board which I am trying out to see if it can be used as a border.


A few more photos taken around the latest version of the layout.
I've started to 3D print my own borders for the Policar track to fill the gaps as it's way cheaper then buying the proper Policar ones. The the closeup shots the borders that you can see without a lip and groove at the outer edge are the 3D printed ones. I've also printer some borders for the Ninco rally loops. The Policar borders have the tab and clip in to the track edge as normal but the Ninco borders have a lip that goes under the track to help lift it to the same hight as the Policar and are held in place with a thin strip of double sided tape.


I've added some extra LED strip lights above the track which will hopefully improve the quality of the photos and especially the videos.

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