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Slotcars66 Ford GT40 1/32nd scale Scalextric slot car #59 white Le Mans 1966
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Ford GT40 1/32nd scale Scalextric slot car #59 white Le Mans 1966

Received 31/3/2018

Stock code: C2578A

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This car is a limited edition and uses the standard Scalextric sidewinder chassis and came complete with it's box
. The car is in as new condition with working headlights.

s59 31-5-2018A

s59 31-5-2018B

s59 31-5-2018C

s59 31-5-2018D

s59 31-5-2018E

s59 31-5-2018F

s59 31-5-2018G

s59 31-5-2018H

s59 31-5-2018I

s59 31-5-2018J

s59 31-5-2018K

s59 31-5-2018L

s59 31-5-2018M

s59 31-5-2018N

s59 31-5-2018O

s59 31-5-2018P

s59 31-5-2018Q
A small video of the car running on my latest Airfix layout.

A few more photos.

s59 2021-07-11 B

s59 2021-07-11 A

s59 2021-07-11 C

s59 2021-07-11 D

s59 2021-07-11 E

s59 2021-07-11 F

s59 2021-07-11 G

s59 2021-07-11 H

s59 2021-07-11 I

s59 2021-07-11 J
This car has now had it's magnet removed and has been fitted with a pair of NSR classic 21x11mm rear tyres.

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