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Slotcars66 Ferrari 330 P3 1/32nd Scale Altaya (SCX) Slot Car Red #27 Le Mans 1966
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Ferrari 330 P3 1/32nd Scale Altaya (SCX) Slot Car Red #27 Le Mans 1966

Received 24/6/2019

This Spanish Scalextric car is from a partworks sold in Spain by Altaya and the car came in four parts, body top, chassis, axles and motor parts.

Stock code: C-41

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s711 2019-06-28 A

s711 2019-06-28 B

s711 2019-06-28 C

s711 2019-06-28 D
This should have been a simple build as you just clip the front and rear axles in place, put the adaptors on each end of the RX4 motor and clip in. Then screw the guide in place and connect the leads which have eyelets at each end, no soldering required.

s711 2019-06-29 A

s711 2019-06-29 B

s711 2019-06-29 C

s711 2019-06-29 D

s711 2019-06-29 E
Some more photos of the parts.

s711 2019-06-29 G

s711 2019-06-29 H

s711 2019-06-29 I

s711 2019-06-29 J

s711 2019-06-29 K

s711 2019-06-29 L

s711 2019-06-29 M
With the chassis only running on the track all seemed fine but with the body fitted the car wouldn't run. I took the tyres of and still it wouldn't run, checked the pinion and loads of clearance. With the front tyres of I could see that the cockpit inlay was pressing down on the motor and this was the problem. The RX4 can motor is deeper than the RX and the inlay was pressing on the bellend bearing. I had removed the inlay and with car ran Ok, just to confirm the problem. So out with the Dremil and then I removed some plastic from under the inlay.

s711 2019-07-03 A

s711 2019-07-03 B

s711 2019-07-03 C

s711 2019-07-03 D

The car now ran but was still not right and I had removed as much plastic as I was happy with from the cockpit inlay, to the point the the drivers head was now loose. In the end to get the motor to run Ok I had to leave the front of the car open.

s711 2019-07-03 F

s711 2019-07-03 G

s711 2019-07-03 H

s711 2019-07-03 I

s711 2019-07-03 J

s711 2019-07-03 L
This car due to the motor problems had not been run since completed and I decided it was time to change the motor and replace the RX$ with a RX motor. In July this year I picked up a bunch of assorted motors and other parts, among them was what appeared to be a RX motor. So this would be a simple take out the RX4 and drop in the RX, solder a couple of wires and that would be it.

s4020 A

s4020 B

Well not quite, the above all went fine but the gearing felt very tight and the motor wouldn't turn, with the body off the motor turned very slowly but out of the chassis the motor ran fine.

The problems...

1) The RX motor spindle would appear to be thicker than the RX4 and was rubbing on the small side of the crown gear. This was solved by running the motor and filing the edge down until the motor ran at full speed.

2) With the body on the car was still running slowly and it turned out the the tyres were rubbing on the body after all but not by much. To solve this problem I sanded the edge of the tyre.

I'm not sure if this is a Scalextric RX as it needs a 10 ohm controller.

s711 2020-10-28 A
A small video of the car running on my latest Airfix layout.

Some more photos.

s711 2021-07-11 B

s711 2021-07-11 A

s711 2021-07-11 C

s711 2021-07-11 D

s711 2021-07-11 E

s711 2021-07-11 F

s711 2021-07-11 G

s711 2021-07-11 H

s711 2021-07-11 I

s711 2021-07-11 J

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