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This car came as part of a Dromo Car DN700 set made by Polistil. The car appears to be complete, apart from the chassis mounting screw which has been replaced and the cockpit glazing which is broken but this can't been see as it is hidden by the rear cockpit framing and the two parts hold together well, the car also runs quite well. One unusual thing with this car is the wheels as the are solid plastic with the rear ones having a recess that takes a thick rubber band which acts as the tyre.

s738 2021-02-22 09

s738 2021-02-22 03

s738 2021-02-22 04

s738 2021-02-22 05

s738 2021-02-22 06

s738 2021-02-22 01

s738 2021-02-22 07

s738 2021-02-22 02

s738 2021-02-22 10
Photo taken on my Airfix Monte Carlo Rally layout.

s738 2021-02-22 08

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