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This car is being built from a second version Airfix body kit and although still a pin guide body it does now include the windscreen but still no mirrors.
This is how the body kit arrived.

s769 2019-10-14 A

s769 2019-10-14 B

s769 2019-10-14 C

s769 2019-10-14 D

The body has now been primed ready for painting.

s769 2020-06-28 A

s769 2020-06-28 B
The body has now been painted using Lotus Racing Team Green colour match automotive spray can paint.

s769 2020-07-12 A

s769 2020-07-12 B

s769 2020-07-12 C

s769 2020-07-12 D

s769 2020-07-12 E

s769 2020-07-12 F

s769 2020-07-12 G

s769 2020-07-12 H
The interior has now been painted and a driver figure sorted out.
The only question is which car to model?

s769 2020-10-10 A

s769 2020-10-10 B
I have decided to represent the number 6 car driven by Trevor Taylor at the Nürburgring Sunday 5th August 1962.
Trevor Taylor originally qualified 22nd out of 30 entrants of which 26 started the race. Taylor was the disqualified for not completing the 5 minimum laps need to qualify for the race but was eventually allowed to start at the back of the grid in 26th place. All this made no difference to the race as Taylor had an accident on the first lap.
This race marked a double first for Dan Gurney in the Porsche as it was a first pole position for both and the only pole for Porsche.

s769 2020-10-13 A

s769 2020-10-13 B

s769 2020-10-13 C

s769 2020-10-13 D
One of the main reasons for going for this car was that the wheels were painted black instead of the normal Lotus yellow, which I didn't have a paint to match. I also liked the look of Taylor's yellow overalls and helmet.
The decals are by Pattos, the Lotus decals from a Lotus 30 set and the numbers from anothe Pattos set I had.
While I was looking for a spare motor for one of my Airfix Vauxhall Viva's I found a fairly strong one and as the Viva won't get that much use and the motor in this Lotus isn't that strong I decided to swop the motor and put the new motor in this car and the weaker one in the Viva. This has improved the lap time by about two seconds on the track shown below in the video taken on my Airfix Westleigh Motor Racing Circuit 4 layout.

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