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Slotcars66 Scarab F1 1/32nd scale slot car scratch built blue #48
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Scarab F1 1/32nd scale slot car scratch built blue #48

Received 29/1/2022

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I bought this scratch build F1 car secondhand for use at my slot car club in the early birds class, which is for cars up to 1960 which this car is. The body is resin and could be by Penelope Pitlane, the chassis is a Penelope Pitlane In-line Competition with an unbranded long can motor.

s827 2022-02-15 A

I have had to change the rear wheels as those the car came with a just under size for our early birds class.

s827 2022-02-23 B

s827 2022-02-23 A

I have change the motor in this car as it seemed a like under powered and with later testing it was found to be a 21k motor, the car was also geared 11/27. It has now been fitted with a Team Slot Tarus TS13 motor geared 9/27.

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