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s847 2022-04-20 A

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Yesterday I added the decals for the #76 car that ran at Le mans in 2007, by Le Mans Decals, to the car and today I clearcoated the body.

s847 2022-05-12 B

s847 2022-05-12 E

s847 2022-05-12 C

s847 2022-05-12 A

s847 2022-05-12 D
The deacles proved to be very thin and I had a lot of problems getting them in place. The had a tendency to stretch when I tried to slide them and when trying to slide the long thin ones of the backing paper they also had a tendency to fold over on their selves and as a result you can see a few error on the body.

I've also changed the motor for a 25K, this is the one that came with the Slot.It Lancier LC2, and I'm not sure of the brand. I have also changed the rear wheels for slightly larger ones by Sloting Plus.

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