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Slotcars66 Ford GT Mk IV 1/32nd scale Riko slot car yellow
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Ford GT Mk IV 1/32nd scale Riko slot car yellow

Received 23/4/2022

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This is a made up Riko R650 kit and the body has been painted yellow. It looks to be in very good condition with very little used although the rear tyres will need replacing.

Sellers photos.

s851 2022-04-23 A

s851 2022-04-23 B

s851 2022-04-23 C

s851 2022-04-23 D

s851 2022-04-23 E

s851 2022-04-23 F

s851 2022-04-23 G

s851 2022-04-23 H

s851 2022-04-23 I

s851 2022-04-23 J

s851 2022-04-23 K

s851 2022-04-23 L

I've changed the rear tyres as those fitted were hard and bobbly but as I don't have any of the correct size at the moment I have fitted a pair of urethane tyres designed to fit the Airfix/MRRC Clubman Special chassis when fitted to a GT body, they fit but are a bit smaller in diameter..

s859 2022-05-12 A

s859 2022-05-12 B

s859 2022-05-12 C

s859 2022-05-12 D

s859 2022-05-12 E

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