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Slotcars66 Alfa Romeo Guilietta 105 1/32nd scale resin body kit
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Alfa Romeo Guilietta 105 1/32nd scale resin body kit

Received 23/4/2022

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Received this resin kit, which appears to be by Pendle Slot racing, via an eBay purchase.
Sellers photos.

s852 2022-04-23 L

s852 2022-04-23 F

s852 2022-04-23 G

s852 2022-04-23 H

s852 2022-04-23 I

s852 2022-04-23 J

s852 2022-04-23 K

While I was painting another car I decided to paint this one as well. I haven't painted many resin bodies and those I have done have been with rattle cans so I don't know if I didn't clean the body properly, if it's a problem with the body or the Zero Paints grey primer was the problem but it hasn't taken well. I will need to do some sanding and see what I end up with.

s852 2022-04-23 A

s852 2022-04-23 B

s852 2022-04-23 C

s852 2022-04-23 D

s852 2022-04-23 E

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