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Received this car as a Team Slot body kit, chassis and motor pod



With the weather being reasonable I have painted this car body, first four coats of Zero Paints grey primer.

s855 2022-04-23 B

s855 2022-04-23 A

s855 2022-04-23 C

s855 2022-04-23 D

Followed by four coats Zero Paints Zero paints Orange - similar to Jagermeister

s855 2022-04-23 E

s855 2022-04-23 F

s855 2022-04-23 G

s855 2022-04-23 H
The car is now completed with decals and clearcoat and the chassis has been built and fitted. Running gear is a Slot.It 25k Flat-6 RS with PSC 16.5x8.25mm alloy wheels fitted with NSR 18x8mm tyres and the fronts are the same wheels fitted with NSR 18x8.5mm low grip front tyres. The gears, 27x9, and guide are Slot.It.
I am having trouble with the motor mount, there is a bracket that clips on between the motor and axle and is screwed, by a single screw, to the rear of the pod but every time it try to tighten the screw it twists the chassis so I can't keep the car flat. I have now purchased a different Team Slot motor pod and will see if that works better.

s855 2022-05-12 A

s855 2022-05-12 B

s855 2022-05-12 C

s855 2022-05-12 D

s855 2022-05-12 E

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