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Close up details of the drivers overall decals.

s972 2021-05-28 B

s972 2021-05-28 A

I've made some changes to the running gear over the last few days and the body is now fitted with a Policar gearbox fitted to a Pendle's 3D front end. I had been thinking about doing this for some time but kept putting it off as it's a none reversable change. I final bit the bullet a few days ago and the body modification involves grinding out the two blocks the the Clubman Special's Ackerman steering unit screws on to as these are directly in line with the axle and in the way of the 3D front chassis parts adjustable axle holders. It also requires the use of shorter grub screws at the top of the axle adjusters as they need to fit inside the holder. A single body post was fitted to the front of the body with epoxy adhesive and left to set overnight. As there is no rear mounting point I have fitted a rest at the base of the rear of the engine moulding to allow the body to just sit on the rear of the chassis at the correct height.

The rear wheels are from Pendle's and are the ones the supply in the Policar Super Shells F1 kit fitted with NSR 21x10mm Ultragrip Classic tyres. The front wheels are what I could find in the spares box and fitted with NSR 18.5 x 9mm Supergrip tyres sealed with nail varnish. I'm not completely happy with the front wheels and will change them when I can find something better suited that has a treaded tyre to suit. A NSR deep wood guide is fitted with NSR soft braid.

Have given the car a run and a race at my club track it goes and handles quite well but there is a problem with the gears on the Policar chassis as it is very noisy and the gears appear to be catching at one point so I need to figure out how to strip the gears and see if I can sort it out. I do have a couple more Policar units but don't want to use one unless I have to as it means removing the side mounts.

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