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24-08-2023   (01:49:20)

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Received this a selection of plastic kits and bodies today, all 1/32nd scale
A Monogram Ford Mustang Coupe Snap Tite kit complete and painted

And another ford Mustang.

Monogram Snap Tite Corvette, C3 Sting Ray customised kit.

An identical kit by Revell.

This kit is possibly by MPC, a C2 Sting Ray, again a customised version.

A Hornby Boss 302 Mustang, which I think is one of the kits based on the Scalextric bodies. The body has been painted the same as the Scalextric cars.

A Hornby 1969 Corvette L88, the body has been painted and has some decals added.

Finally another set of Monogram Snap Tite kits,a Lamborghini Countach completed and painted.

Another with painted body but not completed.

The final on is unpainted with parts to complete at least one of the unbuilt models.

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