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27-12-2023   (19:42:44)

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A few more bits for this year arrived today.
The fir package contained 3 Airfix MRRC Ferrari 312T F1 cars.
One car is complete

Another with missing rear wing is almost certainly a MRRC car as it has a modified motor/rear axle mounting.

The final car is missing the rear wing and engine moulding.

The second parcel contained some vintage parts.
A Super Shells Ford Escort 1/32nd scale vac body

There was also a Super Shells Chevrolet '67-'69 Camero 1/32nd scale vac body

The other parts are all by AYK,a pair of 45 x 3mm axles and nuts,

a pair of 55 x3mm axles and nuts,

a pack of 4 3mm axle bearings and clips

and finally 2 packs of wheels, a pair of 3mm threaded 13 x 7mm rear wheels

and a pair of 3mm treaded 13 x 5mm front wheels.

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