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30-12-2023   (18:00:32)

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Had a delivery of parts from SRC today. They had a scraping sale just before Christmas I decided to take advantage
The main item I ordered was this Ford capri 2600 LV body, with glazing, in the #53 Rouget Tour De France 1973 livery

I also ordered a Ford driver figure but this will probably be going in to storage as I don't think it will be used in the Capri.

I also got a set, well 2 sets, of the rear bearing support arms for the Capri and BMW chassis.

I also bought a McLaren M23 body along with the air box and rear wing.

I also bought a Renault RS10 body

along with the front and top body parts,

front and rear wings

and some photo etched parts.

I also bought a pair of Renault aluminium wheels and tyres and a set of alloy F1 rear wheels.

The final item is some Ferrari 312 T4 engine parts

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