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From Keith
20-05-2023   (01:26:00)

Latest arrivals
Was at the UK Slot Car Festival today and only bought a few cars.
The first purchases were these Scalextric Porsche 962 Gp C cars.
From A #27.

Janspeed #2.

Texaco #01.

Whilst collecting a Gordini F1 body kit from Pendle's stand I saw this MRRC Ford GT MkIV which completes my collection of MkIVs from Le Mans 1967.

I found this vintage brass chassis Ferrari 330 P4 in a box of £10 cars.

As I was leaving the Festival just before it closed, having taken part in the Policar GP I took the long way out and just happended to spot this MRRC Shelby Cobra Hardtop on the Pendle's stand. This is a car I should have received just before Christmas but the carrier lost it.

My first purchase of the day wasn't a car but this tyre truer.

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