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11-12-2020   (02:18:39)

The story of 2020
Will this be the year I finally get my 1/32nd scale Airfix layout up and running?

10-12-2020   (03:23:22)

January 2020
Latest arrivals

09-12-2020   (03:22:18)

February 2020
Latest arrivals

Fly Car Model 1/32nd scale Ford GT40 #12 Le Mans 1966 slot car.

MRRC 1/32nd scale Honda RA273 slot car kit

This kit also included the following extra parts..
MRRC short can motor, no pinion, with axle bracket and can end adaptor.

Standard Airfix Hi-Speed can motor, with pinion, and axle bracket.

Rear axle and spur gear.

Short rear axle with spur gear.

Airfix spoked front wheels.

Plain small drivers head.

Painted small drivers head.

More new arrivals
Scalextric 1/32nd scale Eagle Weslake chassis

Scalextric 1/32nd scale Lotus 49 chassis

Scalextric 1/32nd scale Lotus 72 chassis

Airfix 1/32 scale Ferrari 250LM Hi-Speed chassis

All Slot car Chassis Formula GP kit.

All Slot Car chassis multi part sprue.

Mitoos Aluminium Classic wheels & Dunlop tyres.

PSC Vintage 23" classic spoke alloy wheels.

All Slot 22k motors x 2.

All Slot spur gear 23t.

All Slot spur gear 24t.

All Slot standard GP chassis.

Penelope Pitlane slimline chassis.

Penelope Pitlane classic 15" alloy wheels.

Penelope Pitlane classic front and rear tyres.

08-12-2020   (19:17:30)

March 2020
Latest arrivals

03-12-2020   (20:50:30)

April 2020
Latest arrivals

Airfix 22½° outer curved track x 4.
02-12-2020   (20:49:31)

May 2020
Latest arrivals
Receiver a few bits from Slot Racing Company (SRC)
SRC Lola T600 Complete Chassis (with motor and wheels) x 5.

SRC Various steel axles PORSCHE 914/6 GT x 4.

SRC Chassis Lola T600 SP/RAW (pack of 3).

Airfix Ferrari 250 LM 1/32nd scale plastic model kit.

Scalextric blue Ford GT40 Race Tuned 1/32nd scale slot car.

Scalextric white Mercedes 190SL 1/32nd scale slot car.

VIP Raceways C/F front axle set (Bagged) 1/32nd scale.

Scalextric pickup guide sets for Hong Kong cars x 2.

Airfix Cooper F1 green front and rear axles 1/32nd scale.

Scalextric C69 red Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta 1/32nd scale slot car.

Scalextric C61 blue Porsche Spyder 1/32nd scale slot car.

Scalextric C15 blue Ford Mirage 1/32nd scale slot car.

Received a little delivery from Pendle's
PCS Wheel Inserts 12mm Lotus Wobbly Web.

PCS Classic 15'' Spoke Alloy Wheels & tyres 22x7mm.

PCS Classic 15'' Spoke Alloy Wheels & tyres 24x6mm.

PSR pair Stainless Steel 3/32 Axle 55mm x3.

Slot.it pair Steel Pro Axle 45mm.

Mitoos Inline Crown 25t & 27t & 9t Pinion + Allen Key.

All Slot Car Pickup Brass Eyelets x10.

Scalextric Brass Eyelets x10.

SRP S-Can Speed20 Motor 20000rpm 12v Can & Endbell-Drive x 2.

PSR Nylon Axle Bushings 2.38mm Pair x 8.

Penelope Pitlane Classic Driver Head 11.

Penelope Pitlane Classic Driver Head 15.

MRRC Driver Figure Universal Kit.

MRRC Driver Figure Kit.

Penelope Pitlane Classic Driver Figure 11.

Penelope Pitlane Classic Driver Figure 12.

Penelope Pitlane Classic Driver Figure 01.

Car build updates
Did some painting on the Airfix DB5 chassis insert.

Put the primer coat on a few of the kit bodies I have built over the last few days.
Hawk Lotus 30.

One of the Airfix E-Type Jaguar's

and the Airfix 1933 Alfa Romeo.

Did some work on the chassis for Hawk Lotus 30.
I'm adapting on of the SRC Matra sidewinder chassis to fit. This involves trimming the width of the chassis and reducing the length as well. By using this chassis I can keep the full cockpit of the kit body. The chassis has had a section cut out behind the front axle and the this removed section has been glued with epoxy adhesive to join the two sections back together.

Did some repair work to one of my Airfix Vanwall cars. I have a Mk 1 pin guide version with a broken rear wheel and a while ago I bought a Vanwall wheel set and I have now changed the rear axle on this car. The replacement wheels supplied by Airfix have wire front wheels and steel rear wheels which match the twin exhaust version of the car as apposed to the all wire wheels as the car is supplied.

I have also painted the Lotus 30 body in a close match to Lotus British Racing Green. I have also reinforced the chassis join with some more epoxy adhesive and used it to fix the exhaust to the chassis.

I have also sprayed the Aurora Ford GT body with white primer.

Did some work on my George Turner Ferrari 801.

Track updates
I've found a much quicker and easier way to clean the Airfix rails. I had intended to use metal polish to clean the rails and found that using Auto Sol didn't effect the conductivity of the rail. However I have now acquired a fibreglass pencil and this does a very good job of cleaning the rails and is quite quick as well.

From Keith
27-11-2020   (20:44:10)

June 2020
Latest arrivals
Car build updates
Printed 3D body.

Printed some resin 3D bodies.

25-11-2020   (02:58:53)

July 2020
Latest arrivals
MRRC Cooper chromed wheel set 1/32nd scale.

MRRC chromed wire wheel set 1/32nd scale.

I've now exchanged the Revell Corvette body for another Revell 1/32nd scale slot car chassis.

VIP Raceways Slot Runner 1/32nd scale.

VIP Raceways Driver set 1/32nd scale x 2

Revell RP66 Pittman motor boxed.

Bilet 2.50 Pittman DC6 motor bagged.

Scalextric 1/32nd scale rear axles c/w gears x10.

Scalextric Johnson motor with RX adaptor & guide.

Eldon Lotus (23) 1/32nd scale slot car.

Scalextric Mini Cooper slot car.

Fly Porsche 917K slot car.

Airfix Porsche 906 Carrera 6 slot car.

Airfix Ferrari 250LM slot car.

Assorted motors and axles.

VIP 1/32nd scale F1 race set.

MRRC Aston Martin DB5 slot car with ballrace motor.

Car build updates
I've painted the hawk Lotus 30 body and the Ferrari F1.

The MRRC Lotus Cortina MkI body that I have had for some time has now been given a coat of white primer.

24-11-2020   (02:58:22)

August 2020
Latest arrivals
MRRC 5 pole motor

Atlas Porsche 904 slot car.

Airfix Vanwall slot car

Revell 1/32nd scale Jaguar E-Type.

Rikobomb Motor.
Airfix red Jaguar E-Type slot car.
Airfix green Jaguar E-Type slot car.
MRRC Toyota Front Alxes c/w wheels and tyres.
MRRC Toyota read axles c/w gear, wheels and tyres.
MRRC Cobra driver figure.

Airfix Beetle plastic construction kit.

MRRC Porsche 904GTS wheels and body parts.
MRRC Ferrari decals.
MRRC Cobra driver figure.
Airfix braids.

AJ's WinnWagon 1/32nd scale Porsche 917-10 slot car.

Car build updates
Started work on a sidewinder chassis for the Airfix Ford Zodiac MkIII model kit body.

23-11-2020   (02:57:37)

September 2020
Latest arrivals
BRM F1 Racing Car 1/43rd Scale Diecast Model by Dinky Toys

Cooper F1 Racing Car 1/43rd Scale Diecast Model by Dinky Toys

Cooper Maserati F1 (T81) 1/43rd Scale Diecast Model by Corgi

Land Rover and Trailer With Cooper Maserati F1 1/43rd Scale Diecast Model by Corgi

TV Extending Mast Vehicle 1/43rd Scale Diecast by Dinkey Toys

VW Beetle 1/32nd scale plastic model kit by Revell

Corvette C3 1/32nd scale plastic model kit by Revell

Assorted decal sheets from Pattos Place

2 sets MRRC motor brushes

2 sets MRRC wheels and tyres

Gift Set 16 Racing Cars 1/43rd Scale Diecast Models by Corgi

Ferrari 275P White 1/32nd Scale Slot Car by MRRC

MRRC 5 pole motor and axle bracket

SRC delivery

Scalextric Healey 3000

MRRC 3 pole motor

Car build updates
decals added to the Airfix Lotus 24

Primed the Airfix Ferrari 250LM model kit body and the 3D printed Ferrari D50 body.

More car bodies primed, the Airfix Ford Zodiac and Beetle plastic kit body and the resin Gordini.

Did some work on the modified SRC chassis for the Airfix Ford Zodiac model.
I have also built up the SRC chassis for the Ford Capri.

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