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From Keith
12-08-2022   (17:06:08)

Car updates
Started to build up one of the Policar engines that arrived yesterday and then found out that the pack only has the engine block and you need the pack with the suspension parts and probably the rear wings so the conversion of the Lotus 49 to Policar is still on hold.
I dis manage to get the NSR Ford GT Mk Iv body painted red and ordered some decals for it. In the jat the red looked a bit on the bright side and now on the body it looks a little on the dull side so I just hope when finished with gloss clear coat it looks about right.

From Keith
11-08-2022   (22:10:56)

Latest arrivals
Busy day for deliveries today, first to arrive was some Zero Paints including a custom mix which I hope is the right re for my NSR Ford GT MkIV body.

Then the postie dropped of a couple of Policar Lotus 72 engine parts packs.

Finally the parcel postie came with a package from Pendle's. Mainly F1 wheels and tyres with a good selection of axles but also an adjustable power supply, Policar chassis and a resin Morris Marina body kit.

From Keith
10-08-2022   (22:11:26)

Latest arrivals
Received a couple of Policar Lotus 72 engine parts sets, pack B then realised I will also need packs A & C

From Keith
08-08-2022   (22:12:57)

Car updates
Painted the Matchbox Auto Union D-Type body today and the Resin Porsche 356 Outlaw body.

From Keith
07-08-2022   (22:12:39)

Car updates
Took a razor saw to the Matchbox Auto Union D-Type body and managed to fit one of Pendle's adjustable Policar F1 chassis kits to it.

From Keith
06-08-2022   (22:11:46)

Car updates
Converted the Revell Shelby Mustang 350 GTR to a 3DP chassis today using a mixture of NSR and Slot.It parts including a Slot.It Flat 6 motor.

I also fitted the 3DP chassis to the Flyslot Williams FW07, this chassis uses a Policar F1 motor pod unit.

From Keith
05-08-2022   (22:12:25)

Car updates
Built up and fitted the 3DP chassis fitted with a new Policar F1 motor and gearbox unit to the SRC Ferrari 312 T4 body.

From Keith
04-08-2022   (22:13:12)

Latest arrivals
Received some 3D printed chassis from Shapeways today.

An Olifer chassis for the Revell Ford Mustang 350 GTR
Two Olifer chassis for the SRC Porsche 914/6 to take a Slot.It sidewinder pod
Also received a selection of chassis adaptors to take the Policar motor pod by Arco (Andrew Rowland)
For the SRC Ferrari 312 T4,
Scalextric Lotus 49C
and the Fly Williams FW07.

From Keith
03-08-2022   (22:13:28)

Latest arrivals
Received another Revell Shelby Cobra daytona.

From Keith
02-08-2022   (22:13:45)

Latest arrivals
Received a original Policar Ferrari F1 V6 (156 F1-63).

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