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Latest News
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From Keith
26-09-2021   (23:27:07)

Car updates
Having painted the Honda S600 body yesterday I have now added some decals.

The Honda decals are from the kit and as a nod to the Honda F1 cars from the 1960's the racing decals are from a Pattos Place Honda F1 set.

From Keith
25-09-2021   (23:13:34)

Car updates
Painted the Arii Honda S600 and Nissan Sky Line bodies, using Zero Paints Racing White which is the colour of the 1960's Honda F1 cars.

I have also built up a SRC Ferrari 312P with the body I received at the beginning of the month and a chassis bought last year. The wheels will need changing and I may make some changes to the gears as well but will keep the SRC motor.

While sorting the SRC parts I have also changed the chassis on my SRC Capri, I have changed from from the standard chassis with the rear exhausts to one with side exhausts.

From Keith
24-09-2021   (16:15:12)

Car updates
Did some more work on the 3D printed chassis for the Arii Honda S600 and with all parts now fitted I have a running chassis.

I have also primed the Arii Honda S600 and Nissan Skyline bodies and they are now ready for their topcoats.

From Keith
23-09-2021   (23:46:05)

General News
The Alfa Romeo car pages are now fully linked to the correct photos..

From Keith
21-09-2021   (15:13:57)

Latest arrivals
Received this Ninco Jaguar XK120 fitted with a NC1 motor. A runner that looks to be in good condition but is missing it's windscreen and one wheel knock off.

From Keith
03-09-2021   (16:13:52)

Latest arrivals
Received a delivery of parts from SRC today..
Ferrari 312P complete body shell, I already have a couple of chassis for this car.
Lots of glazing and lights along with some other body parts to go with the Lola T600 body and chassis I already have.
A couple of Porsche 914/6 GT bodies and a set of glazing for same.
A couple of McLaren M23 cockpit surrounds.
Finally a couple on vac cockpit interior trays.

From Keith
01-09-2021   (16:13:20)

Latest arrivals
received this MRRC Cobra hardtop kit today, hopefully it will fit the MRRC Cobra I have or one of the other Cobra's.

From Keith
26-08-2021   (16:11:43)

Latest arrivals
A little delivery of parts today from Top Slots n Trains, mostly slot.it parts..
A slot.it HRS2 inline chassis starter kit and a set of chassis body adaptors. This will be going in the SCX Nascar body for some club racing.
A couple of slot.it 29k motors.
Some Slot.it wheels and tyres along with a complete rear axle set.
three sets of Sideways guides.
A Gaugemaster tool set, I didn't need the pinion puller as I already have one but it was the cheapest way to get the rest of the tools.

From Keith
25-08-2021   (16:11:29)

Latest arrivals
Received this SCX Chevrolet Nascar #29 Reese's, I only need the body for club night racing and I am awaiting the delivery of a replacement chassis for it.

From Keith
24-08-2021   (16:11:16)

Latest arrivals
Received a set of decals from Le Mans Decals for the Policar Ferrari 330 P4 which will be the #19 car from Le Mans 1967.

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